Croissant shop

営業時間:土・日  11:00~18:00
Trading Hours: Every Saturday and Sunday  11am~6pm

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‘plat’ is located along a residential street, about a 7-minute walk from ‘Sangenjaya station’ on the Den-en-toshi Line.

Exit through ‘North Exit A’ and turn right into ‘Chazawa-dori Avenue’. Walk straight for approximately 3~5 minutes until you reach ‘Sukiya’ and ‘7-Eleven’. Turn right into the street located between these two stores. As you walk further in, you will see ‘Fujimiyu’, a public bathhouse, on your left-hand side. Please turn left into the street right next to ‘Fujimiyu’. Keep walking for a couple of minutes and you will see ‘plat’ on the left-hand side of the street.

※Also accessible from the pedestrian path located just further up from 7-Eleven on Chazawa-dori Avenue.