Croissant shop

営業時間:土・日 11:00~18:00



クラシック ¥320(税別)、ルヴァン¥350(税別)




Trading Hours: Every Saturday and Sunday 11am~6pm

The croissants produced at ‘plat’ are made using the freshest butter from the Hokkaido region, along with stone-milled flour, to bring out the genuine flavors from the ingredients for our customers to enjoy. The croissants have a golden, crispy outer-layer and the more you bite into it, the sweetness of the flour and the harmonious aroma from the butter can be savored, making them the key features of our croissants.

Feel free to have a peak at the head pastry chef making these croissants and relish the freshly baked products at the shop, or you can have them prepared into gift boxes for you to take home or gift to a special someone.

Menu: Classic ¥320, Levain ¥350, Specials ¥350~

We stock 3 to 4 different varieties of croissants every weekend.

※Please check the latest information through our Instagram.

※Prices exclude tax



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