Rental space -English-

‘plat’ is located between a spacious pedestrian path alongside a small stream and a traditional shopping arcade. The entrance, facing south, brings in natural and warm sunlight during the day, creating a peaceful and inviting atmosphere.

=Purpose of Use=
Our rental spaces are available to use for purposes such as exhibitions, photoshoots, yoga/pilates classes, stretching, meetings, seminars, cooking classes, production of confectionary goods for selling, catering and home parties.
※Please feel free to inquire us with any usage requests that are not listed above.

=Usage Plan(excluding tax)=
For those who wish for a regular usage plan (e.g.: weekly), please contact us directly.
Please inquire us if you wish to promote or advertise an event using our rental space.

=Terms of Use=
・Minimum of 2 hours per use.
・Please fully remove equipment/s and clean the space within your given time.
・Please do not make loud noises as the building is located within a residential street.
・Bringing/using firearms, flammables and hazardous equipment/s is prohibited.
・Food and drinks from outside is allowed on weekdays only.
・Unless you have privately reserved the whole space, there may be other groups using other sections of the space at the same time.
・A staff from ‘plat’ may be present in the office space.

=How to Make a Reservation=
Reservations can be made 2 days prior to the day you wish to use the space/s.
A ‘Reservation Form’ can be found at the bottom of this page.

=Payment Method=
Once your reservation is confirmed, please deposit the payment via bank deposit no later than the day before the reserved date.

=Cancellation Policy=
Cancellations made 15 days ~ one month before reserved date: 20% of scheduled price
Cancellations made 7 days ~ 14 days before reserved date: 50% of scheduled price
Cancellations made 1 day ~ 6 days before reserved date: 100% of scheduled price
※Please email us for any cancellations

=Floor Plan & Facilities=
・equipped with Wi-Fi
・shared entrance/exit, toilet, changing room and air-conditioning

A. Multi-Purpose Space  (heated flooring)
・Bluetooth speaker

B. Kitchen Space (5 counter seats, 1 high table)
・Refridgerator (one section available for use)
・Cooking utensils
・Various plates & mug (for 4 people each)
・Microwave Oven
・Rice cooker
・IH stove top (no gas stoves)
・Electric kettle
※There is no dish and cutlery.
※Please notify us beforehand if you plan on bringing any electrical appliances.
※There is a limit on the usage of some kitchen equipments (oven, bread proofer, dough sheeter) and the commercial-use espresso machine.

Reservation Form

Resevations will be confirmed once you receive an email from ‘’ titled ‘Confirmation of Reservation’.